Requirements recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to scientific articles.

    1. Scientific articles in professional journals should have the following elements:
  1. .Formulation of the problem in general and its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks.
  2. Analysis of recent research and publications in which a solution of the problem and on which the author still unsolved aspects of the problem, which the article is devoted.
  3. Formulation purposes of article (problem).
  4. The main material research with full justification of scientific results.
  5. Conclusions of this study and further research in this direction. Editorial board collection offers authors recommended to allocate Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine elements of Article separate sections (abbreviated subtitles).

The sequence of the structural elements of the article.

  1. Bibliographic index (UDC) left.
  2. Title of the article (in the middle) – capital letters.
  3. The initials and surname of the author (s) – lowercase letters.
  4. Full postal (in the workplace) and elektoronna address of the author (s) – lowercase italics.
  5. Abstract.
  6. Keywords.
  7. The text of the article.
  8. The front page article in the footer – a sign of copyright
    “©”, along with his last name and initials of all authors and year. Example:
    © Bodnya OV 2014.
  9. Below is the text of a list of references is placed.
  10. After literature submitted title, names of authors, their business address, extended abstract (500-1000 characters – from 0.5 to onepage A-4) and key words in English and Russian.
    Abstract article should disclose its content.
  11. If the primary language of the article is English, then in accordance with article at the end of its name, information about authors, abstract and keywords should be the other two languages. English text should be finalized at the expert level of proficiency. In the case of text translated, for example, through online translator (Google, etc), or professionally, the article will not be accepted for publication.
  12. 12.At the end of the manuscript indicates the date of sending articles to the editorial board of the scientific journal «The problems of innovation and investment –driven development»

    REQUIREMENTS article.

    1. The name of the file (latynkoyu) must match the surname of the first author of the article. Files containing the article should be made with the extension .doc Editor
      MicrosoftWordVersion 1997-2003.
    2. The paper – from 5 to 20 A4 pages of manuscript. The main text should be typed font Times New Roman, size 14 points, line spacing – 1.5. Select text can be italic, underline not allowed. Settings page: left margin – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm. Indentation – 1.5 cm. Pagination – top in the middle.
    3. Pictures (Maps, charts, pictures, graphs, charts and other illustrations), made in color or black and white, should be submitted in the inserted text. In addition, the drawing file format .jpeg or .tiff a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, color format RGB (if color) or Grayscale (if black and white) must be sent separately. Figures should be numbered in order of their mention in the text. Figure name must be given in the text immediately under it. You can not name the figure combine with the very illustration of a single image file (which will save possibility of editing). All cards must have the frame, symbols or legends, binding to the terrain, zoom and links, if necessary. Letters or numbers contained in the figures should have a font size of at least 10 points.
    4. Table place in the text. Each table should have zahovolok and serial number that is in the text. If one table in an article, it is not numbered. Tables can be performed only in the editor MicrosoftWord. The word “Table” must be placed at the top right of the table in italics below give her name in the middle. Size numbers and text in tables – at least 10 points. Permissible maximum table size 160×230 mm. When using data borrowed, or borrowed author predstalenni processed primary materials (eg weather size, etc.) in the name of the table must specify the source from which data are taken (literary or stock).
    5. Abbreviations must decipher after the first mention in the text.
    6. Literary links.Links to sources of bibliography in the text file in brackets indicating the number of positions cited references and page numbers separated by commas (eg [7, p. 112], [2], [3, 7-12, 23]) .
    7. Bibliography arrange according to GOST 7.1: 2006. List of cited literature present in alphabetical order, first in Cyrillic, then latynkoyu.
    8. Other requirements. Particular attention should be paid to the correct placement of characters hyphen ( “-“) and dash ( “-“). Quotes using the format “” ( “quote”). Between the initials and surname to use non-breaking space (I.ºV.ºPetrenko). Unit values ​​apply in SI.