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Levels taxation countries The EU and Ukraine’s

Purpose articles rassm and experience and benefits systems taxation
coun- tries European Union, manifestation iti the main limitations
domestic tax legislation and wired STI their comparisons. In general
iti ways the provision tax reporting countries Eurozone in the
appropriate organs, dove STI need the introduction Ukraine electronic
methods receiving and processing such reports. define iti key
directions reforming domestic tax legislation. Methodology re- search
is to use aggregate methods: dialectical, statistical, historical,
compara- tive. Scientific novelty is to are provided recommendations
for improvement of efficiency systems taxation of our states in
international ratings characterizing tax institutions country.
Therefore, despite some problems in legislation held comparative study
systems taxation EU and Ukraine. Conclucions Coming from of this, the
main directions reforming tax systems Ukraine, in our opinion, today
should become: improvement process administration, reduce scales
evasion taxes, provision more uniform distribution tax burden between
taxpayers, the maximum cooperation tax bodies different levels as well
adjustment systems electronic interactions tax authorities and payers,
tax system must contain as can less unfounded benefits, consistent with
the general by politics pricing Key the words: taxes, tax system,
foreign experience taxation, level tax system, the income tax physical
Persons added tax cost, ecological tax, e tax statements.

Borzenko O. О., Panfilova T. О., Lytvyn M. M.

“Levels taxation countries The EU and Ukraine’s”132-160


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