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Journal Publication No. 19-2019

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The scientific and Practical journal “Problems of Innovation and investment development” is aimed at highlighting a wide range of problems innovations-developing different sectors of the economy of Ukraine, improving the investment climate in the country.

The subject of articles is connected with theoretical problems of innovation development, analysis of its tendencies, state regulation of this sphere, best practice of innovation activity, environmental safety and medicine issues, development of human potential .

The publication calculated on experts-researchers, theorists and practitioners in the field of economics and management, teachers, postgraduates and students of economic and humanitarian institutions, as well as a wide public of all interested in problems Innovation and investment development.

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Scientific and Practical journal “Problems of Innovation and investment development”, 2019, No. 19

ISSN (print) 2224-1213
Indexed: SCOPUS with
Periodicity: It is obtained 4 times a year.
Language of edition: English, Ukrainian, Russian (in mixed languages)


Oliynyk A. .

“Using basic marketing tools in development and implementation of effective marketing strategy” 4-16

Susdenko U. V.

“Directions of improvement of the method of internal audit of expenses for enterprise Labour payment” 17-28

Bodiuk A. V.

“Fiscal obligations of the Subsoil users” 29-35

Fedorchenko A. V., Ponomarenko I. V

“A/B-testing as an effective digital marketing tool” 36-42

Tkachenko I. P.

“Priorities of improving monetary-credit policy in the system of strengthening Ukraine’s financial security” 43-53

Ryabukha G. I.

“Lending to animal husbandry enterprises through the mechanism of interest rates bid reimbursement” 54-63

Yarova Y. M., Midliar A. K.

“The essence of entrepreneurial motivation in The agrarian sector” 64-70

Atanyyuk O. О.

“Innovative methods of managing organizations in the cultural sphere of the rural areas of Ukraine” 71-80

Kosenko K. F., Gromozdova L. v. Gromozdov V.V.

“The role of financial and economic tools for tourist management in creating favorable conditions” 81-91

Pavukha N. V., Totska O. L.

“Project planning of the national contest of Students ‘ scientific works by means of Microsoft Office Project” 92-109

Lypov V. V.

“Management and culture: from a natural form of management to” glamorous “capitalism 110-130

Borzenko O. О., Panfilova T. О., Lytvyn M. M.

“Tax levels of EU and Ukrainian countries”132-160

Pidvysotskyi Y. V.

“Analysis of the deposit guarantee mechanism for banks ‘ depositors in the EU and Ukraine 161-173

Tsymbalenko N. V.

“Principles of economic safety management of higher education institutions” 174-181

Kozyak M. V. Koyak I. V

“Blockchain-technologies and their use in the state sphere” 182-190

Bodyuk A. V.

“Application of the Triêdinostì principle to assess iron ore deposits” 191-201

Gorban Y. I.

“Business Communication – the driving force of competitiveness” 202


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