Journal Publication No. 9/2016

The Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development” aims to cover a wide range of issues of innovative development of various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, improvement of the investment climate in the country.

The topics of the articles are related to theoretical problems of innovative development, analysis of its tendencies, state regulation of this sphere, best practice of innovative activity, issues of environmental safety and medicine, development of human potential.

The publication is aimed at researchers, theorists and practitioners in the field of economics and management, teachers, graduate students and students of economic and humanitarian educational institutions, as well as the general public of all who are interested in problems of innovation and investment development.

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Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development”, 2016, #9

ISSN (print) 2224-1213

Indexed: Crossref, Index Copernicus, Google.Scholar

Frequency: 4 times a year

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Czech, French, German, Spanish (mixed languages)


Shmorgun L.G.

Some inconsistent features of the set-off system of added value tax calculation and payment to it into the budget 3-11

Seminozhenko V.P.

Theoretical and methodological foundations of innovative development 12-20

Libanova E.M.

Innovation levers for demographic policy 21-33

Sabluk P.T.

Innovative model for development of agrarian sector in ukraine andthe role of science 34-42

Bazhal Y.M.

Place and role of small business in innovative model of economic development 43-46

Bozhydarnyk T.V., Koltunovitch O.S.

Small innovative business as an element of the development of regional innovative systems 47-49

Vojtko S.V., Barbash V.A.

Condition, criteria, stages and to-components of development of the small innovative business 50-55

Vorobjova N.P.

Ways for ukraine to enter into international economy 56-61

Dergacheva V.V., Kuznietsova E.A.

Economic integration in the context of energy security of national economy 62-72

Dryga S.G.

Innovative imperative in the long term development of ukrainian economy 73-78

Dudar T.G.

Directions of development of consulting in the entrepreneurship 79-84

Yehorova O.O.

Improvement of the territorial and organizational tools of the invest­ment activity stimulation in ukraine 85-94

Kirjan T.M.

Investments into human capital — the essential condition for raising efficiency of economic development 95-109

Lysetska N.M.

Dinamization of institution tools pushing national innovative system:world practices 110-117

Mylenkyi V.M.

Structural optimization of innovative financial instruments in the context of socially oriented economy 118-127

Ohotnikova O.M., Yefymenko M.Ì.

Main areas of innovative development of ukraine: the state and prospects 128-135

Redzyuk E.V.

Peculiarities of ukrainian stock market development during the age of transformation of the financial relations in the world 136-145

Solovjov V.P.

On the role of innovations for modern economy in ukraine 146-156

Sukhorukov A.I.

Institutional aspect of structure reforms in real sector 157-168

Tjuchtij N.P., Gromozdova L.V.

The incremental concept — the economist’s generalization of the managerial economics 169-172

Shmorgun L.G.

Is the investment policy present in ukraine? 173-181

Hvesik M.A., Bystryakov I.K.

Innovative dominants for sustainable development of ukraine 182-2


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