Journal Publication No. 2/2011

The Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development” aims to cover a wide range of issues of innovative development of various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, improvement of the investment climate in the country.

The topics of the articles are related to theoretical problems of innovative development, analysis of its tendencies, state regulation of this sphere, best practice of innovative activity, issues of environmental safety and medicine, development of human potential.

The publication is aimed at researchers, theorists and practitioners in the field of economics and management, teachers, graduate students and students of economic and humanitarian educational institutions, as well as the general public of all who are interested in problems of innovation and investment development.

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Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development”, 2011, #2

ISSN (print) 2224-1213

Indexed: Crossref, Index Copernicus, Google.Scholar

Frequency: 4 times a year

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Czech, French, German, Spanish (mixed languages)


Seminozghenko V.P.

Agency for chal lenges 7-15

Paladіy М.V.

Transformation of human resources towards wealth and spiritual values is a base for innovation deve lopment of economy 16-24

Shtolko V.G.

The ways to overcome crisis and to provide innovations in architecture and building industry 25-42

Tacij V.Y.

Directions to improve innovation legislation at modern stage of state development 43-51

Kiva D.S.

Strategy for innovative development 52-61

Alekseev Y.S.

Cosmic activity as innovation priority for ukraine 62-66

Starikova L.V.

Adequate investment-innovative economy: mechanisms to push and to develop 67-74

Vorotin V.Y., Demchak R.Y.

Social projects as as an issue for state admini stration in regions 75-87

Sukhorukov A.I.

Institutional aspect of structure reforms in real sector 88-99

Solovjov V.P.

On the role of innovations for modern economy in ukraine 100-110

Grinyova I.A.

Marketing communications as instrument to activate investments to ukraine economy 111-117

Serdyuk A.M., Ovsyannikova L.M., Nosach O.V.

Academic studies as natural part of innovative processes in health care system 118-127

Livinskyi O.M., Yesipenko A.D.

Problems of innovation and investment way of development in ukraine 128-136

Kremen V.G.

Innovations as morality for modern people 137-147

Pakhomov Y.M.

Problems of innovations in ukraine 148-155

Libanova E.M.

Innovation levers for demographic policy 156-168

Bezrukov V.V., Andrianova L.F.

Gerontology in ukra ine: theory and practice 169-176

Tеlelim V.M.

Innovative way for military education in ukraine: basics, problems, perspectives 177-187

Hvesik M.A., Bystryakov I.K.

Innovative dominants for sustainable development of ukraine 188-199

Sabluk P.T.

Innovative model for development of agrarian sector in ukraine and the role of science 200-208

Novikov B.V.

Innovations and investments: not so bad as you guess 209-221

Arkhipova E.P., Centurion V.A.

Life insurance need for a modern person 222-224

Lysetska N.M.

Dinamization of institution tools pushing national innovative system: world practices 225-232

Shmorgun L.G.

Turnover tax and value added tax: comparative characteristics from practical perspective 233-244

Lunev G.O.

Economic activity and economic traditions of ukrainian cos sacks 245-3


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