Journal Publication No. 18/2019

The Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development” aims to cover a wide range of issues of innovative development of various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, improvement of the investment climate in the country.

The topics of the articles are related to theoretical problems of innovative development, analysis of its tendencies, state regulation of this sphere, best practice of innovative activity, issues of environmental safety and medicine, development of human potential.

The publication is aimed at researchers, theorists and practitioners in the field of economics and management, teachers, graduate students and students of economic and humanitarian educational institutions, as well as the general public of all who are interested in problems of innovation and investment development.

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Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development”, 2019, #18

ISSN (print) 2224-1213

Indexed: Crossref, Index Copernicus, Google.Scholar

Frequency: 4 times a year

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Czech, French, German, Spanish (mixed languages)


Marmul Larisa

Economic mechanism of safety agricultural enterprises 4-12

Dubas Rostislav, Kamratov Sergii

Peculiarities of strategic management of enterprises of forest complex of ukraine 13-21

Kotsenko Kateryna, Gromovdovaya Larisa

Rural and ecological tourism: modern tendencies and role in the increase of level of socio-economic development of rural population of ukraine 22-30

Fedorchenko Andrii, Ponomarenko Igor

The main ways to collect clients’ email-addresses in theimplementation of email-marketing 31-39

Nehoda Yuliia

Agrarian receipts as a tool for the structural transformation offinancial and credit relations in the agrarian business of the region 40-53

Chobitko Mykola

Human capital formation by means of education 54-65

Dmitry Shchukin

Management of risks in the activity of industrial enterprises:essence and classification 66-76

Gromozdova Larysa, Ablova Olena, Kotsenko Katerina

Problems of innovative development of tourism industry in ukraine 77-84

Panchenko Svitlana

Management of the sphere of tourism in a specific market ofukraine 85-92

Mykhalchyshyna Larysa, Vdovenko Nataliia, Sharilo Yriy

The effect of organizational and economic mechanism regulation inthe conditions of the competitive environment and innovativedevelopment of aquaculture and modernization of the data collectionsystem 93-102

Zakhozhay Kostyantyn, Zham Olena

Role of direct and indirect taxes when forming incomes of the statebudget of ukraine 103-114

Pavlenko Maryna

Methodical approaches to modeling the grain market in ukraine ina market equilibrium using the innovative model “a gmemod ” 115-120

Derenko Elena

Innovative organizational and economic solutions for thedevelopment of aquaculture production market in latvia andpossibility for their application in ukraine 121-130

Sinenok Igor

Innovation constituent organizationally economic to mechanism ofproviding of origin of biological raw material of water origin inukraine 131-139

Martynyuk Alexander

Economic and legal foundations of public control of the activities oflocal governments in ukraine 140-3


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