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Journal Publication No. 17/2018

The scientific and Practical journal “Problems of Innovation and investment development” is aimed at highlighting a wide range of problems innovations-developing different sectors of the economy of Ukraine, improving the investment climate in the country.

The subject of articles is connected with theoretical problems of innovation development, analysis of its tendencies, state regulation of this sphere, best practice of innovation activity, environmental safety and medicine issues, development of human potential.

The publication calculated on experts-researchers, theorists and practitioners in the field of economics and management, teachers, postgraduates and students of economic and humanitarian institutions, as well as a wide public of all interested in problems Innovation and investment development.

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Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development”, 2018, #17

ISSN (print) 2224-1213

Indexed: Crossref, Index Copernicus, Google.Scholar

Periodicity: 4 times a year

Language of edition: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish, Czech, French, German, Spanish (in mixed languages)


Makhorov U. O., Gurochkina V. V.

Strategic directions of inclusive development of Ukraine 4-14


Kozirev M.K –

Formation of the Sustainable development management system for territorial communities 15-27


Martyniuk O.I –

Risk management at the creation of Amalgamated Hromadas on the basis of large cities 28-34


Mahortodov U. O., Telichko N. A.

Innovative moves to improve the system of social protection sphere of population 35-43


Shmorgun L.G., Kolesnikovich V. P.

The Blocchine technology in the analysis of sectoral information for the purpose of regulating of anthropogenic load on special protection natural Areas 44-56


Tkachenko i. P., Fox M. O., Setymenko v. V.

Destructiveness of deviation and economic deprivation of innovative development of Ukrainian enterprises: manifestations and possibilities of leveling 57-72


Bunda О. M., Koshelnyk R. S.

Methodical approaches of enterprise financial Condition analysis 73-81


Vdovenko N. M., Mykhalchyshyna L. G.

Impact of integration processes on the internal control of budgetary funds using scientific institutions of the agrarian sector 82-90


Redzyuk E.V. –

The dominance of shadow economy as a result of socio-economic reform of Ukraine 91-99


Pavlenko M. M. –

Tools of grain market regulation in Ukraine 100-106


Mosiyuk S., Mosiyuk I., Mosiyuk V.

Economic estimation of land resources potential of Ukraine 107-111


Kryvenok M. Y., Buryak R. I., Rudenko M. M.

Analysis of complex marketing in Ukrainian food egg production factories 112-119


Dovhan S. V., Popovych М. V.

Moral and ethical conditionality of socio-economic theories and their role in overcoming the economic and socio-cultural crisis in Ukraine and the world 120-127


Bunda О. M., Gordiychuk M. A.

Analytical procedures of metallurgical production Enterprises 128-136


Abhiezer E. B., Dunayevskaia O. I., Serdyuk i. v., Shyshkin M. A., Butova O. A.

Efficiency in modeling daily electricity generation 137-146



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