Journal Publication No. 10/2017

The Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development” aims to cover a wide range of issues of innovative development of various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, improvement of the investment climate in the country.

The topics of the articles are related to theoretical problems of innovative development, analysis of its tendencies, state regulation of this sphere, best practice of innovative activity, issues of environmental safety and medicine, development of human potential.

The publication is aimed at researchers, theorists and practitioners in the field of economics and management, teachers, graduate students and students of economic and humanitarian educational institutions, as well as the general public of all who are interested in problems of innovation and investment development.

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Scientific and Practical Journal “Problems of Innovative Investment Development”, 2017, #10

ISSN (print) 2224-1213

Indexed: Crossref, Index Copernicus, Google.Scholar

Frequency: 4 times a year

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Czech, French, German, Spanish (mixed languages)


Derbenova Ya V.

Potential for improving competitiveness the pharmaceutical industry of ukraine at the national and international markets 3-6

Kolisnichenko P.T.

Evolution of the notion of «economic security»abstract 7-15

Redzyuk Ev

Ukraine and global innovation-investment growth 16-23

Kabanov V.G., Tsekov K.V.

Boosting ukraine’s innovativeness:transition of ukraine to innovation-based economy 24-31

Kravchenko Ti

Development trends and main directions tourist business services 32-38

Mp Denysenko, Tm Bulakh, Ly Matviiva

Innovation paper enterprise development strategy cellular industry 39-44

Dmytrenko G.A.

Concept of cardinal democratization ofpublic administration in ukraine 45-56

Yelenev Ig, Yelenev Ii

Domestic state policy – a priority priority the development of ukraine 57-70


Combating smuggling as an important directionof the investment policy of ukraine 71-77

Zhikhareva Ab

Conceptual-priority areas and developments environmental public administration in ukraine 78-84

Korobko B.P.

Priority measures for energy independence, security socio-economic development of ukraine 85-93

Dehodyuk E.G.

Innovative approaches to recycling of industrialpoultry bird droppings 94-101

Shmorgun L. G., Kotsynskyy B. B.

Preserving biological life of the ukrainian nation in theglobal crisis of civilization based on sustainable innovationand investment development 102-114

Yarovoy T.S.

Ideology of ukrainian society in the process of nation-building 115-121

Biloushchenko O.

Socio-economic mechanism of tourist and recreational complex 122-131

Shmorgun Lg, Stulov Yv

Features of innovative activities for security competitiveness of ukraine’s circular services 132-137

Oleksandr Fedorych

The “physical ether” and newinterpretation of the michelson-morley experiment results 138-153

Kavun V.M.

Peculiarities of ukrainian music art as a part of the national culture inmodern society 154-163

Atamanyuk Yu A., Makhortov Yu

Sustainable development and environmental economy of ukraine 164-170

Redzyuk Ev

Proposals for priority steps for government activity for 2017 171-175

Zyabitseva Oo

Doing good is easy! 176-179

Kharchuk M.P.

Nizhin is looking for tourists and investors 180-186

Beldiy N.N.

Motivation of the introduction of alternative energy 187-194

Zyuzina O.I.

Problems issues on social policy of ukraine and exit socio-economic crisis 195-206


Phenomenon of nazary yaremchuk 207-3

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