“Problems of innovation and investment development”

“Problems of innovation and investment development”

The main challenge of modern humanity- to check its ability to abandon predatory life for straightforward principles of “unlimited consumption” and consciously choose the path to “sustainable development”(more precisely, eco-friendly living conditions).

The theme of “sustainable development” is gaining weight and its various aspects causing increased interest in the media. Sustainable development – no doubt – will be constant creation and use of discoveries unprecedented technologies et al., Which should summarize the concept of “innovation development”.

Innovation is a key driver of economic growth. The innovation process is only possible while ensuring the implementation of innovative ideas investment.

The international community is entering a stage of post-industrial, information and intellectual development. The level of innovation activity in the economy and society as a whole determines the progress of the country to progress, the rate of passage through the stages of technological structure, competitiveness of the national economy and its place to ensure quality of life and welfare of citizens. Therefore, innovative model of economic development has gained universal character and becomes the dominant ideology of the modern economy.

For Ukraine, which declared its innovative way of progress and breakthrough in this direction, it is critical to find ways and technologies enhance innovation processes in both social and economic, as well as in the environmental field and find the best opportunities to move to the innovation strategy of the XXI century – strategy for sustainable, environmentally sound (noosphere) development.

Realizing that innovation is a key driver of economic growth and innovation process is possible only in attracting investment for innovative ideas to market practice, we have established scientific journal “Problems of innovation and investment development” and registered it in the Ministry of Justice, the 30.07.2010 . the number 16951-5721R KB number. Volume of magazine – 20 conventional printed pages, periodicity – once a quarter. The founders of the magazine were Ukrainian public organization “Ukrainian Academy of Sciences” and the State Higher Educational Institution Accreditation IVrivnya “State Academy of Housing.” Chief Editor for the initiator of its creation – Shmorgun Leonid G., doctor of economic sciences, professor, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

By the Editorial Board invited reputable scientists and managers practice of the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Council of Productive Forces of Ukraine and the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of NAS of Ukraine, leading economic universities, deputies of Ukraine. In addition to economics editorial board includes doctors agricultural, philosophical, legal, medical sciences and science of public administration. This, according to the founders of the magazine, promote interdisciplinary discussion of forming an integrated, systemic view of the process of Ukrainian society and the possibility of facilitating its transition strategy for innovation.

The main objective of journal promoting Ukraine’s transition to innovative development path through publication of scientific articles, analytical materials, forecasts, initiating fruitful discussions on topical issues, enhance innovation processes in the national economy and social sphere, formation of National Innovation System, to create a favorable climate for innovation in Ukrainian society , attracting domestic and foreign investment in priority sectors of economy and social sphere.

The objective of the magazine is not only the publication of scientific articles, but also finding ways to stimulate the innovation process, enhance innovative research, particularly among young scientists. Editorial Council and Editorial Board proposes to consider innovative investment process with a systems perspective, taking into account the dynamics of economic, social and environmental development to improve the quality of life is impossible without transition to sustainable, environmentally sound (noosphere) development idea of ​​what lies Labor academician Vernadsky.

Founders and editorial board thinks fit this magazine is not just a scientific theory (such journals enough), and provide it with scientific and practical: to publish and discuss the practical problems of innovation and investment development, lead samples positive experience of implementing innovative ideas into practice. Log interested not only purely economic innovation as new products emitted on the market, or a new technology that is used by business and gives them advantages in the domestic or foreign markets. The magazine is interested in publicizing the ideas of social innovations that elevate to a new level control system allow environmentalizing economy and in particular energy, consolidate Ukrainian society to reduce potential conflicts in society and others.

Important to the discussion in terms of the editorial board are implementing innovative ideas in manufacturing, construction, transport and agriculture to improve production efficiency, maintaining quality and soil fertility and food security, resource conservation and energy, environmental security, and others.

It is planned to eventually provide top magazine for journalistic articles on the future of Ukraine, highlighting this individual chapters and headings. Editorial Board aims to ensure high scientific and methodological level and bring the magazine to be included in the number of scientific professional publications MES Ukraine to test the candidate’s and doctoral theses and ensure replication in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, Czech, French, German and Spanish.

The magazine is intended for scientists, economists, administrators, young scientists and for practitioners, managers, policy-makers who are interested in issues of innovation, enhance innovation and investment processes, formation of human innovation potential, the transition to an innovative strategy for socio-economic development of the XXI century – strategy for sustainable development.