Yarema Kateryna, Bezsmertna Yuliia

Solow economy model

The subject of the research is the approach to the possibility of using the Solowmodel to perform the regression analysis on the example of the Ukrainian economymodel. The purpose of writing this article is to investigate the notion of regression analysis, Solow’s economy model, algorithm for performing regression analysis on the example of Ukraine’s economy model. This model can be adapted for theeconomy of enterprises. Methodology. The research methodology is system-structural and comparative analyzes (to study the structure of GDP); monograph (whenstudying methods of regression analysis on the example of the Ukrainian economy);economic analysis (when assessing the impact of factors on Ukraine’s GDP). Thescientific novelty consists the features of the use of the Solow model on the example of Ukrainian economy are determined. An algorithm for calculating thebasic parameters of a model using the Excel application package is disclosed. Themain recommendations on the development of the national economy and economicgrowth through the use of macroeconomic instruments are given. Conclusions. Theuse of the Solow model enables forecasting and analysis. The results obtained revealed the problem of low resource return of capital as a resource, along with themeans of macroeconomic regulation of the investment process, using which canimprove the situation. A special place in these funds belongs to the accelerateddepreciation and interest rate policies.

Keywords: economics Modeling, Solow model, regression analysis, gross domestic product, consumption, investment, equity, per capita income

Romanova Lidia, Zolotarova Valentina

Current situation and trends of enterprise developments in ukraine’s advertising market

The purpose of the article is to analyze and evaluate the current state of thedomestic market of advertising services, tendencies of development of enterprisesof the advertising sphere of Ukraine. Methodology. The domestic market foradvertising services is quite young because it has actually started its active historysince Ukraine gained independence, which has caused some peculiarities of itsdevelopment and formation. As a result, the development of the market and itsrepresentatives has been undulating, yet at a rather dynamic pace compared to theadvertising markets of other countries that have already had many years ofexperience and history of operation – during 1991-1993 more than 1000 differentadvertising campaigns were created in Ukraine. companies, including more than400 companies have been created in the media. We should also take into accountglobal trends, especially globalization, the development of information technologyand the Internet, which are also influenced by the domestic advertising market,which in general have caused dramatic changes in the principles of activity of theentire existing advertising industry. In the course of the research were used: general scientific methods, in particular:systematic approach – to summarize data of the advertising sphere as a whole setof elements in a set of relations and relations between them; methods ofsystematization and forecasting – to determine the general tendencies of developmentof advertising sphere of Ukraine and enterprises of advertising sphere of Ukraine. The general tendencies of development of advertising sphere of Ukraine andenterprises of advertising sphere of Ukraine are substantiated. The main reasonsthat have had an impact and will have an impact on the activity of domesticadvertising companies in the future are identified. The scientific novelty is toidentify the main tendencies in the development of the advertising sphere ofUkraine and domestic enterprises of the advertising sphere, as well as the factorsthat influenced and influence their activity. The results of the study are aimed at ensuring the quality management of theactivities of advertising companies and ensuring a high level of their competitiveness.They can be used to refine and / or revise strategic plans for development andactivities, management principles of advertising businesses.

Keywords: trends, factors, advertising, appearance, advertising sphere, advertising enterprise

Koval Elena, Ilyina Ksenia, Fefelova Anatasia

Investing in higher education marketing

The aim of the article is to research the state and prospects of expandinginvestments in the marketing of higher education and adapting to the fluctuationsin the educational services market. The research methodology is based on themethods of scientific abstraction in determining the components of the market,comparative analysis of the world experience and domestic sources of the highereducation institutions financing, analysis of the expenditures structure on educationin the state budget of the country, monographic method of the studing the stateand improving of the competitiveness in domestic institutions of higher education,statistics information. The scientific novelty of the conducted research is that thestate of financing of higher education institutions is scientifically substantiated,alternative instruments of financing of investments in marketing of educationalservices are analyzed, directions of increase in competitiveness of market participantsare outlined. Conclusions.Among other important areas of the European Union’sinvestment model are research, innovation and digitization in research marketingprojects, as well as the financing of projects in the fields of skills, education,training and social innovation. Higher education reform in Ukraine aims tointegrate into the European higher education area and the research area on thebasis of a competitive national higher education system. Expanding the internationalactivity of domestic higher education institutions is aimed at introducing modernglobal trends ofthe investment in higher education marketing.

Keywords: investment model, endowment funds, extension service, highereducation marketing

Bunda Olga, Olianina Alona

Analytical procedures of activitie of sports enterprises

The purpose of the article is to carry out analytical procedures of activity ofenterprises in the field of sports and to determine the directions of their developmentstrategy. The methodology of the study is to use the following methods: groupingand comparison of indicators in the horizontal and vertical analysis, calculatingthe magnitude of the deviations by years; methods of analysis of coefficients;summarizing the results. The scientific novelty of the work is to improve theanalytical procedures of the activity of enterprises in the field of sports. Conclusions.The carrying out of analytical procedures of activity of sports enterprises, on theexample of Fit-Uno LLC, showed that this type of activity in Ukraine is extremelypromising. The field of sports is constantly developing and gaining popularityamong the society. In order to better develop the sports sector in Ukraine, it isnecessary to provide additional investment in this field and the interaction of theauthorities, business and public organizations.

Keywords: analysis, analytical procedures, sports enterprise, profitability

Ivchuk Volodymyr, Kulish Ganna, Lazoryshynets Vasyl, Kabakov Vadym, Nastenko Evgenii

Estimated funding assessment for hospitals functioning as enterprise

The purpose of the article is to identify the possibilities of medical institutionsdevelopment in the conditions of change of health care financing mechanism withtaking into account the further orientation on autonomization of medical institutions,which received the status of enterprises.The paper implies active implementationof new planning methods that are alternative to the traditional national approachto expenses accounting and their analysis, which are fundamentals of planned financial indicators calculation.The transformation of the financial mechanism inthe healthcare sector necessitates a financial provision for medical institutions,that includes, first and foremost, a reasonable calculation of cost of medical institutions services.Methodology.The methodology of the study is to use a combination of methods: economic analysis, synthesis, comparison – to estimate the actual values of financial indicators; economic-mathematical modeling and forecasting; systematic analysis, typification and comparison of observations, grouping,generalizations – during the process of making final conclusions based on theresults of analytical studies.The scientific noveltyof the resultsobtainedconsistsnewapproach offered by authors that let medical institutionsolve existing practical andmethodological issues of correlation between current actual expenses and, forecastfinancial needs of medical institution in variable functioning conditions. The authors prove that the further development of medical institutions is impossiblewithout reasonable pricing of healthcare services. The existing «Methodology ofhealthcare services cost calculation»is aimed at standardization and unification ofexpenses accounting methods, but does not promote getting veracious calculabledata, which should be used in financial planning and modelling. Conclusions.Thecombination of analysis methods presented in this paper enables to make a forecastabout the financial needs of the medical institution in the status of the enterpriseon the basis of scientifically-based approaches. The use of the CVP-analysis method allows to purposefully manage the main financial indicators that are taken intoaccount in different scenarios, and the correctness of their analytical applicationat the hospital level is included in a justified approach to a higher level of generalization in accordance with the theory of averages.There is a high bankruptcy riskfor a medical institution in the status of an enterprise in a case of insufficientlevel of reimbursement of medical institution expenses within the limits of statemedical insurance, as well as within limited possibilities of receiving income frompaid medical services. For more effective realization of medical institutions «autonomization», it is necessary to improve the legislation in terms of free choice ofthe list and volume of paid medical services, economic approaches to pricing forpaid medical services and a clear policy of the state within a support of healthcare capital investment programs.Effective, purposeful preparatory work of reasonable financial indicators usage, taking into account current legislation, will enablethe medical institutions to be competitive in the healthcare market.

Keywords: medical services, expenses, financial planning, analysis methods,performance, variable and fixed costs, marginal analysis

Komar Yuriy, Dubas Rostyslav, Ivanov Alexey

Conceptual model of complete creative management formation ofcomplete human health

The purpose of the study is to substantiate and develop a Conceptual model offull-fledged creative management of the formation of complete human health. Theauthors summarized the theoretical generalization of the category «full human health»(FHH) showed that its essence is a complete system of universal human five-elementsubsystems of different nature, consisting of five levels, ten species and fifty elementsof human health intended for use in any public environment. Methodology. Thetheoretical and methodological basis of the study is the attributive (triple) scientificapproach, the method of modeling systems of complete creative management, themethod of structural-linguistic quantification in a complex combination with thefundamental principles of human health: fullness, well-being and hierarchy. Theaforementioned theoretical and methodological base of the research made it possibleto create, in the format of the Fundamental Model of Full-fledged Creative Managementof the Life of Ukrainian Society, a Conceptual Model of Full-fledged CreativeManagement of the Formation of FHH, to characterize its phases, stages ofmanagement, to show the role of the subject of management – the person in theformation of FHH and to draw appropriate scientific conclusions. The scientificnovelty of the obtained results lies in the creation of the Conceptual model of completecreative management of FHH as a universal full-fledged model of creative managementin the composition of four horizontal phases and ten vertical stages of control, inwhich the set of five-element common human systems of different hierarchical leveland nature on five levels, ten species and fifty elements of the process of forming aFHH for its use in any society nomu environment. Conclusions. The unique propertiesof the conceptual model of full-fledged creative management characterize it as amodern all-human, full-fledged system of creative management of higher-levelhierarchical puzzle. This necessitates the widespread use of the Conceptual Model inthe basic spheres of human activity for the full management of his health in theconditions of any social environment, in particular Ukrainian society.

Keywords: types of human health, full-fledged human health, five-element humansystems of human health, conceptual model of complete creative management

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