Redzyuk Ev

Proposals for priority steps for government activity for 2017

The socio-economic and political situation in Ukraine needs updating and accelerating effective reforms that will form an institution of strength a state with a middle class and a competitive economy. Note that the current state of domestic feudal-oligarchic social-economic system consolidates Ukraine as a raw material appendage of EU countries and weak, disintegrated state. Domestic economy for development and harmonious entry into the European civilization and economic space requires active “reboot”, formulation of goals, definition of updated priorities, a long-term strategy with tactical plans for its implementation.

Kavun V.M.

Peculiarities of ukrainian music art as a part of the national culture inmodern society

Peculiarities of Ukrainian music art as a part of the national culture in modernsociety has been shown. Features of national mentality and character of Ukrainian peoplehas been objectively revealed. Gradual transition of Ukrainian music art to a new stage ofdevelopment, reviving their national traditions and mastering the principles of Europeanintegration and European countries’ experience has been characterized. Urgent is rethinkingand creation of a universal model of modern art project. The prospects for the developmentof musical projects of academic art in socio-cultural space requires their consideration as a«modern sociocultural project».

Ключові слова: Національна культура¸ музичне мистецтво, українськакамерно-вокальна школа, академічне виконавство, камерно-вокальна творчість,художньо-естетичні стилі, виконавські школи, національні традиції, музичнаукраїністика, музична історіографія, музикознавча методологія, культурна інтеграція

Oleksandr Fedorych

The “physical ether” and newinterpretation of the michelson-morley experiment results

The experiment was carried out to confirm the influence of someenvironmental features on the Foucault circulatory compensating currents. It demonstratedthe mistake in the methodology of the interpretation of the Michelson-Morley experimentresults.In the number of experiments the effect of some environment features (so farunknown to the scientific community) on the Foucault circular compensating currents wasdetected. This effect occurred when a strong permanent magnet falls inside a metal tube.The values of the Foucault currents caused by the movement of a magnet inside ametal tube directed to a certain side and estimated by the produced magnetic effect weresignificantly different from the Foucault currents induced by the other pole of the samemagnet and directed in the opposite direction.Theoretically, such an effect can be explained only by the fact that the Foucaultcurrents flow in medium whose own rotational motion affects their strength. We excludedall nonlinear parameters of this effect. We recognized the dependence of the detectedphenomenon on the time of day and meteorological conditions.Since there is a movement of the medium, there is also the medium itself, which isthe carrier of electrical and magnetic phenomena. And we detected a relatively stablerotational component of the motion in this medium.

Keywords: physics, Electromagnetic field, magnetism, Foucault currents, Lenzrule, conductive medium

Biloushchenko O.

Socio-economic mechanism of tourist and recreational complex

Taking into account the level of growth of tourism needs of thepopulation it is important to develop such a model of tourist complexes, which optimized toorganizational and economic mechanism of management in certain areas. Analysis ofpublished papers demonstrates that among insufficiently studied aspect, are the formationof the principles of the social and economic mechanism of development of the tourismsector, identify and analyze its trends, and develop practical recommendations for modernmanagement mechanisms tourist and recreational complex.

Keywords: socio-economic mechanism, tourist and recreational complex, cluster,cluster model, complex cluster type, innovative process of development, potential

Shmorgun L. G., Kotsynskyy B. B.

Preserving biological life of the ukrainian nation in theglobal crisis of civilization based on sustainable innovationand investment development

The article substantiates the relevance of the innovation and investment activities of thestate in the segment of the human food supply as the only possibility of preserving thebiological life of the Ukrainian nation and its continued future sustainable development. Itoffers a comprehensive, innovative – investment concept of conservation and restoration ofvital national resources of Ukraine as an important component of achieving the goal. Thispreference to new research results and data of long-term values, important discoveries,findings that refute existing theories and data that, according to the authors, are of practicalimportance.

Keywords: resource fertility, living matter, nation, growth pole of the nation, Evolution ofintelligence, triune problem, complex concept

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