Jakuba K.I.

Peculiarities of investments in human capital: a methodological aspect

The brief author’s definition of the essence of «human capital» as a socio-economiccategory is given. Here are presented the peculiarities of investments in human capitalaccording to the criteria of socially necessary financial inputs into creation of a man as abiosocial being. The main parameters of investment in human capital per capita in Ukraineare presented, the effectiveness of these investments in 2011 is stated.

Keywords: human capital, the investments of society, physical health, quality of aperson

Kulik A.V.

Analysis of the competition resistance of rural tourism businesses incrimea

In this article current competition resistance of enterprises in the sphere of rural greentourism in Crimea is analyzed. Main factors that influence competition resistance are determined. The evaluation of competition resistance of enterprises in rural green tourismthat are located in the central, mountainous part of the Crimea and on its coast is done.

Keywords: rural green tourism, competition resistance, cluster analysis, central partof Crimea, mountainous part of Crimea, coast of Crimea

Guk N.A.

Constraining barriers of ukrainian industry’s transition to “green” scenario

The article outlines the imperatives and objectives of government policy on the needfor “green” transformation, and also analyzed the benefits of the development of “green”scenario and obstacles rapid transition of the Ukrainian economy on an innovative way ofdevelopment.

Keywords: “green” economy, biodiversity, energy dependence, “brown” industries, eco-innovation

Prikhodko V.P.

The concept model of the ministry of ecology: the quality of life

The article analyses directions of reforms of the Ministry of Ecology and NaturalResources of Ukraine, which is the dominate structure of executive authority which dealswith problems of population’s quality of life. The influence of the Ministry onto the wholesystem of managerial and functional responsibilities of the Government is also discussed.

Keywords: the Ministry of ecology, model, quality of life, system, criteria, reforms, management, national idea, strategy, goal

Barzynskyy V.P.

Philosophical problems of information­wave medicine

The article is about information-wave medicine, in particular, discusses the philosophical aspects of creation medical device KSK-Bars. It describes the theoretical andpractical aspects of the KSK-Bars. The theoretical concept of “Physics of the Living” is described. Its conceptual backgrounds and interconnections with other sciences are revealed.

Keywords: information-wave medicine, KSK-Bars device, Physics of the Living, post-nonclassical science, synergy, entropy