Nataliia Vorobyova, Roman Muzychenko

Analysis of financial condition: the nature and necessity

This article explores the nature and the need to analyze the financial condition in the modern world. The basic methodological approaches to its implementation, its strengths and weaknesses, and peculiarities of application of each specific enterprise and performance of its activities.

Keywords: financial position, financial condition assessment, financial stability, solvency

Larisa Gromozdova, Nadiia Pysarenko

Key features of agrarian risks insurance

In the article highlights the features of agrarian risks insurance and management mechanism. Basic elements used for the agrarian risks management are determined. Key directions of insurance improvement are classified depending on types of enterprises.

Keywords: agrarian insurance, agrarian risks, agricultural commodity producers, method of SWOT- analyses

Leonid Shmorgun, Mikola Sakada

Social and economic consequences of development of rural territories in the context of the conducted agrarian and land reforms

The paper critically considers the problems of realization of the agrarian and land reforms. The ways of optimization of the practice of reforming the contemporary Ukrainian village are offered based on the results of sociological researches.

Keywords: rural society, land market, public opinion, power, social dialogue, social protection

Nelia Kondukotsova

State and trends of development of industry in ukraine

In the presented article the analysis of the existent state of industry of Ukraine is conducted and information is given on research of her basic subindustries. The prospects of development of industry are outlined with the ground of positive and negative tendencies in the cut of industries. Prognosis indexes over of height of internal gross product, generalized results of activity of enterprises of Ukraine, are brought, basic positive and negative factors that will influence on development of industry in a short-term prospect are analysed.

Keywords: economy, industry, industrial production, extractive and processing industry