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Business Communication – the driving force of competitiveness

(Review of the initial founder of “Business Communication in international management”: e.g. postib./Batchenko L. В., Bondar I. S., Rusavska V. A. – Kiiv: Vidavnittstvo Lira-K, 2017. – – 304 с.)

“Those who choose to organise
and vicorist information,
…you’re gonna have to reschedule your program.”
Bill Gates

The modern company is based on the following principles cooperation,
integration and globalisation, their effective development Demands the
rescue of referrals and effective communication Tools for perfect
economic control as a tool for the state as well as at the level of
enterprises-subsidiaries of international business. Dilova
komunikatsiiya on practice is implemented in the standard business
situations, proteins and parameters of national business practice is
based on its national traditions. The representatives of the
professional business sphere need not be noblemen national business
practices and special business practices the cultures of their
partners, the most advanced standards of civilized business. This year,
the impact of scientific and methodical work on business is
significant. a comedian with international management. Respect Warto,
© U. I. Hunchback

Gorban Y. I.

“Business Communication – the driving force of competitiveness” 202


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