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Application of the principle of threeunity for the evaluation of iron ore deposits

Subject of research – deposits of iron ore on the principle of
threeunity as objects of natural, needs, economic. The purpose of
writing the article is the development of a resource-based approach to
the study of problems, systems of concepts and indicators that allow to
characterize the resource-cost aspects and evaluation of the results of
the study of iron ore deposits in accordance with their needs in the
process of exploration of mineral resources, conducting search and
exploration research and work. Because we are substantiated by the
need-resource concept of the EG, the system of indicators of iron ore
stocks. The methodology of the work – application of abstract-logical,
system-structural and comparative analysis (to determine the system of
concepts and indicators that allow characterizing resource-cost aspects
and evaluating the results of the study of deposits of iron ores);
analysis (study of the right base for studying the geology of the
interior); monographic analysis (with the application of a resource
approach); generalization (formation of a system of monetary
obligations to the state); interpretation (substantiated systems of
concepts using the principle of threeunity and resource and cost
estimates for the study of mineral resources, minerals, conducting
exploratory research and work on the needs and resources concept of
economic geology). Results of work – justified: resource approach to
evaluation of explored deposits of iron ore; Consideration on the
principle of fourunity quaternity of geological objects as: natural
resources (quantity, quality, structure of ores); production and
economic resources (costs, production facilities); informational
resources ie information display of geology of subsoil (for example,
deposits in the form of geological maps, geological reports); property
resources (fiscal pay­ ments from the sale of deposits, iron ore,
information about them). Conclusions – using the resource approach and
the fourunity principle, iron ore deposits can be estimated not by
geological and economic indicators, but by a system of quantitative and
qualitative indicators, which reflect them as objects of natural,
industrial-economic, informational, and fiscal. Key words: needs,
resources, subsoil, subsoil users, geology, geology studies of mineral
resources, deposit, minerals, iron ore, cost, fiscal payments.

Bodyuk A. V.

“Application of the principle of threeunity for the evaluation of iron ore deposits” 191-201


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