Business Communication – the driving force of competitiveness

(Review of the initial founder of “Business Communication in international management”: e.g. postib./Batchenko L. В., Bondar I. S., Rusavska V. A. – Kiiv: Vidavnittstvo Lira-K, 2017. – – 304 с.)

“Those who choose to organise
and vicorist information,
…you’re gonna have to reschedule your program.”

Bill Gates

The modern company is based on the following principles cooperation,
integration and globalisation, their effective development Demands the
rescue of referrals and effective communication Tools for perfect
economic control as a tool for the state as well as at the level of
enterprises-subsidiaries of international business.


Application of the principle of threeunity for the evaluation of iron ore deposits

Subject of research – deposits of iron ore on the principle of
threeunity as objects of natural, needs, economic. The purpose of
writing the article is the development of a resource-based approach to
the study of problems, systems of concepts and indicators that allow to
characterize the resource-cost aspects and evaluation of the results of
the study of iron ore deposits in accordance with their needs in the
process of exploration of mineral resources,


BLOCKCHAIN technologies and their application in government administration

The purpose of the article. The article considers the Blockchain
technology as an innovative tool. In particular, the essence and
background of the development of blocks, the principles and specifics
of the functioning of the system, as well as the scheme of its work,
are determined. The article presents the prospects for usingdistributed
registry technologies (blockchain) in various socioeconomic spheres
related to state administration. Provided examples and forecasts of the
use of blockchain technologies in the provision of state and municipal
services for individuals and legal entities in the following areas:
formation of a unified register containing the history of the placement
of the state,


Principles of economic security management of institutions of higher education

The subject of research – theoretical concepts of economic security
management of universities. The purpose of the article. The study of
the essence of the economic security management system of the
university and the definition of its main tasks, the formulation of
principles of economic security management of the university.
Methodology. The dialectical method, methods of analysis and synthesis,
methods of structural-logical and semantic analysis were used to study
and summarize scientific papers on the research topic.


Analysis of the mechanism for guaranteeing deposits of bank depositors in EU and Ukraine

The purpose of the article is to substantiate the mechanism for
guaranteeing deposits of bankrupt banks in the EU countries and to
provide recommendations regarding approaches to attracting deposits
from the population of the banking sector of Ukraine. Methodology. The
research methodology consists in the use of totality of methods:
dialectical, statistical, historical, comparative. The scientific
novelty of the work lies in the provision of a number of
recommendations on the basis of the mechanism for recovering deposits
analysis in EU countries regarding approaches to attracting deposits
from the public to the banking sector of Ukraine.